Disposal Guide


The challenge facing IT Decision Makers today is finding appropriate methods to dispose of your IT assets that:

• Comply with current e-waste and health and safety legislation

• Minimise the risk of data security and data privacy breeches

• Maximise the ROI of your IT assets during their full life cycle

And your not alone in figuring out these challenges.

E-waste is a serious problem in Australia. Recent government statistics indicate 15.7 million computers reached end of life in 2007/08 yet only 1.5 million were sent for recycling. It is believed that the remaining 14.2 million computers either ended up in landfill or stored somewhere for disposal at a later date.

So unless you’re making more informed decisions with regards to your IT Asset Disposal then you are contributing to Australia’s e-waste problem.

This simple, 20-page guide has been written to help IT Decision Makers like you make the best possible decision when disposing of your IT assets.

We’ve split the guide into three main sections to make it easier to understand the decisions you need to make:

Section 1 – contains the issues that you need to consider when disposing of your IT assets.

Section 2 – outlines the many options available to you for IT asset disposal.

Section 3 – reveals valuable information on how to choose an IT Asset Disposal Company that can take care of your requirements.

And lastly you will find a small section about our company to give you an idea of who we are and how we’re helping companies to reduce Australia’s e-waste problem.

Working through the guide section by section will give you the best possible understanding of all the issues surrounding IT asset disposal, but feel free to skip to a particular section if you have immediate concerns about that area.

Download the IT Decision Makers Guide to Asset Disposal here.